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To quickly recap, in my earlier articles, I indicated some broad guidelines about many of the factors that you should consider if you are going to by a cheap mp3 player.

Over and above his, I attempted to introduce you to various tremendous free resources, such as the thirty free audiobooks available for download at and the free report available for download at, detailing nearly 100 top no-cost mp3 download websites, including music, tools free players mp3 player, mp3 player, best mp3, mp3

If you have not picked up these free resources yet, I would urge you to do so right now!

Moving on, let s look at the most crucial question of them all.

If my previous ramblings have convinced you that to get a great mp3 player, you do not necessarily have to spend a vast amount of money, then you can see that to buy an inexpensive mp3 player makes sense, right?

So, let us define our terminology here. When discussing a cheap mp3 player, what level of cheap are we speaking about?

Even a casual, lazy stroll around a few websites will produce a lot of mp3 players that are very, very cheap indeed!

We are talking of 128MB players (which translates to around 30-35 songs, or approximately two and a half to three hours of music) which can be bought straight from China for less than $20! And, believe it or not, that includes a 12 month guarantee as well!

But, in the case of the particular machines that I have found and am looking at, there are many clear disadvantages right out of the box that would definitely dissuade me, as an experienced mp3 user, from even considering it!

As mentioned previously, when you buy a cheap mp3 player direct, online, the pre-eminent risk is that the sound quality might well be very be poor, and that, by definition, you cannot test it to see if this is the case before you buy.

If it can be manufactured and sold for less than $20 (accepting that this is in the low manufacturing cost environs of Asia) you have to question what grade of parts are likely to be utilized when it is being made?

I would be willing to bet my home on the quality of all component parts being poor or indeed very poor, and on the quality of the sound being extremely average at best.

Also, do not forget that that the vast majority of cheap mp3 players are of a model type termed Flash players, rather than the solid state type players more commonly found at the more expensive end of the mp3 spectrum. This means they contain moving parts, in this case, certainly exceedingly cheap moving mp3 player, mp3 player, best mp3, mp3

This introduces two additional risks. The prime clear risk is the higher risk of breakages. The second, less critical, (but far more irritating) risk is that Flash based players can be like the old mobile CD players, in that they can have an inclination to jump or skip whilst playing.

Pretty clearly, again, this is a problem that is far more probable to manifest itself in a player that is priced at less than $20 than it is in the case of one that is more up-market, and accordingly better made!

Granted, it carries a full 12 month guarantee, but just how easy is that likely to be to enforce?

In truth, given that the player costs less than $20, how likely are you to actually try to take advantage of the warranty should the machine break, in any event?

It is essentially worthless, in my opinion.

So, for these reasons, I would ignore the super cheap $20 mp3 players.

The reality is that, in order to get something genuinely worth having, something that will do justice, in terms of sound quality, to your music anthology, you need to consider mp3 players that cost less than $200.

This is the mark in the sand that I used when compiling my top 6 cheap mp3 players.

Full and detailed explanations of what these top 6 players are, and the major reasons I have chosen them can be found on my website (address below), so, I will not go through exactly the same details in this article

Suffice to say that, whilst there are two well known names in this top six league, there are four far less well known names, including one that I can categorically deny has anything to do with me or my family!

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