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For at least a decade many studies have been completed and articles written showing a variety of benefits from playing video games. However, parents, teachers and others that should see them, only see the articles about violence and addiction in gaming. Jennifer Comet Wagner decided it was time to get this information in the public eye and wrote the new ebook The Gamer Generation: Reaping the Benefits of Video Games.

These studies seem to circulate through a small closed community of scientists, programmers and serious games creators. Parents need to know about the benefits of gaming and learn to play with their kids, instead of worrying video games. Teachers would be more apt to add video games into their lesson plans if they understood the vast potential of gaming in education. Are enough doctors aware of the advances of video games in healthcare?

You will find information on the following topics
Social Benefits
Physical and Health Benefits
The Other side of the Violent Video Game argument
Cognitive and Creative Benefits
Video Games in Education
Educational Value of Creating Video Games
Business and Careers
Serious Video Games
Family Connections

“Finally, the voice of reason! I love Jennifer Comet Wagner’s approach to this controversial topic. Wagner gives amazing insight for parents and adults who want to not only understand how gaming is affecting this generation but also how to embrace it.” –Vanessa Van Petten, Author of “Do I Get My Allowance Before or After I’m Grounded?” and

“I wrote The Gamer Generation to summarize the research, studies, and articles on the positive effects of video games and to offer resources for those who want to pursue the topic further. Readers will learn that video games not only have many benefits for kids, but for people of any age and for society as a whole.” – Jennifer Comet Wagner

Jennifer Comet Wagner is the founder and writer of the blog, Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology. She has advanced degrees in law and library science and has previously taught legal research and owned and ran a computer school for kids.

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